Programs & Services

Cadet Teacher

Cadet teacher gives students who are interested in gaining experience and knowledge about teaching to learn how the classroom actually functions. Students are able to be classroom assistants at Rose Hamilton and Centerville-Abington Elementary.


All schools have access to adequate counseling help; we employ a full time social worker for the two elementary schools, a full-time teacher/counselor at the junior high school and two full time counselors at Centerville Senior High School.

8-Block Schedule

Centerville Senior High School initiated the 8-Block schedule in 1995 and was expanded to the Centerville-Abington Junior High School in 2012.

Service Learning

This course helps to prepare students for living and actively participating in society through voluntary work. This allows students to develop skills such as creative problem solving, effective communication, decision-making and processing information.

Reading Recovery

Each elementary school has certified Reading Recovery teachers who work one-to-one for ½ an hour each day with identified first grade students who need additional help with reading instruction. This program is funded through Title I funds.

Career Information and Exploration

This course is designed to allow seniors to explore employment opportunities and to discover what an employer in their field of interest expects.

Eastern Indiana Model Legislature

This activity allows students to learn the legislature process by role playing in a laboratory experience. Four other area high schools participate and is for students in grades 10-12.

Strategic Plan

The Board of School Trustees has produced a Strategic Plan since 1989 with each goal achieved throughout each plan. Staff, students, and community members have contributed to each plan and continue to work with staff to implement strategies to achieve the current plan.

Early Intervention

All kindergarten classrooms have initiated an Early Intervention for School Success program of screening and modality instruction with teaching assistants who tutor one-to-one or in small groups with developmentally appropriate activities.

Literacy Groups

Title I also funds teaching assistance through Literacy Group instruction for first and second grade students who are in need of additional help to learn language arts skills of reading and writing.


Centerville-Abington Community Schools offers a well-articulated program for Gifted and Talented student called EXCEL. Students are identified as early as third grade for participation in a highly accelerated and enriched curriculum for high ability students. Students in grades three through six work in self-contained classrooms with teachers who have earned G/T endorsements through the state of Indiana. At the secondary level identified students take “honors” classes to prepare them for higher education. Students may earn high school credit in eighth grade for Algebra I and they are introduced to “humanities” as early as seventh grade. A specialized curriculum is designed for high ability students at Centerville Senior High schools which included “honors” classes, A.P. classes with weighted grades, dual credit college credit offerings and early graduation