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Teacher Website Assignment
Adams, Leah                          

Visit Mr. Dunham's web site.

1st Grade
Alford, Rebecca School Counselor
Anderson, Jessica Kindergarten
Angi, Andi School Secretary
Barker, Teri   1st Grade
Benns, Laura   Nurse
Biava, Kendra   1st Grade
Bishop, Karen   Reading Recovery
Burkhart, Margaret Kindergarten
Caudill, Sarah   Music
Charlton, Julia   Physical Education
Cox, Debbie   Preschool Teacher
Davis, Alyssa Visit Mr. Dunham's web site. 1st Grade
Duke, Linda Visit Mr. Dunham's web site. Integrated Media Specialist
Eadler, Kim Learning lab
Frazier, Cheryl 2nd Grade
Hood, Valerie                           Speech / Hearing Clinician
Hoskins, Angela   Kindergarten
Martin, Roger