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Guiding Principles

Our Vision
bulletEducated for Success.

Our Mission

“Centerville-Abington Community Schools, in partnership with families and the community, educates all students to be lifelong learners and responsible citizens.”

Our Guiding Principles

bullet All students are unique individuals who are capable of learning.
bullet All staff members are involved in continuous improvement.
bullet Schools are centers of learning, supported by students, parents, staff and the community.
bullet Schools provide a safe, caring and respectful learning environment.
bullet Schools foster a climate for understanding diversity and promoting personal responsibility.
bullet Technology will continue to be used to support teaching and learning as a tool to foster inquiry, reflection, research, and problem solving.
bullet Schools educated students to "learn how to learn" in an ever-changing world.
bullet Using the state standards, schools provide a variety of educational experiences and resources for Pre-Kindergarten through Grade 12.
bullet Schools promote wellness for students, staff and the community.


Corporation-Wide Goals for Centerville-Abington Community Schools

Each building also has an individual mission statement. 

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