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Centerville Senior High School | Centerville-Abington Junior High School

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The Centerville-Abington Community School Corporation is located four miles south of Interstate 70, approximately eight miles west of the Indiana/Ohio boundary.  Known nationally for its antique shops, the community boasts that "next door neighbor" attitude.  The corporation includes three distinct areas:

1)  the Town of Centerville and the village of Abington
2)  the rural areas of Abington and Center Township
3) the suburban housing additions in both townships.

The population of the school district is approximately 8,000.   The population represents an average to Centerville Bulldogabove average socio-economic status with a family oriented value system.

Mascot - The Bulldog

School Colors - Royal Blue and White

Centerville School Song -
(to the tune of Hail Purdue)

Map to our Schools

Centerville Senior High School
Centerville Senior High School
Centerville Junior High School
Centerville-Abington Junior High School
Rose Hamilton
Rose Hamilton Elementary School
Preschool - Grade 2
Centerville Elementary, Grades K-3
Centerville-Abington Elementary School
Grades 3-5
Centerville Elementary - Grades 4-6
Centerville-Abington Elementary School
Grade 6



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