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Teacher Email Address Website Assignment
Alford, Rebecca  Social Services 
Anderson, Damon  Math / Science 
Anderson, Kathleen  Choir Director 
Abney-Brotz, Cheryl  Guidance 
Brandt, Brittany   Special Education
Carter, Kim French
Coffey, Abigail   Consumer Science
Cole, Norma   Athletic Secretary & High School Treasurer
Cole, Ryan   Physical Education
Crull, Tracey  Career Information & Exploration, Comm. Service 
Dickerson, Matthew   Social Studies
Evrard, Chris  Art 
Franke, Cecil  Social Studies 
Groff, Tyler   English
Hampton, Molly   Attendence Clerk
Heiderich, Kris   Guidance Counselor (M-Z)
Hollendonner, Tim  Principal 
Jones, Lorraine High School Administrative Secretary
Jones, Melanie   Special Education
Klein, Bonita   Business
Lair, Amy  Math 
Lickfelt, John   Social Studies
Lipscomb, Abby   Special Education
Lucy, Jonathan   Band
Lung, Matthew  Math 
Maule, Jessica   Science
Newman, Shelley  Language Arts 
Orick, Melody   Nurse
Osborne, Matthew
Osting, Shane   Athletic Director
Ream, Brad  Social Studies 
Richardson, Brooke   Science
Spear, Maggie   Math
Steele, Jacquelynn Spanish 
Stegman-Frey, Katherine   Spanish 
Stewart, Jacob Math 
Stiggleman, Holly Media Specialist 
Talbot, Jason    Asst. Principal
Tanksley, Angela   Language Arts
Vandevender, Austin   Health
Walther, Lesli   English 10, Journalism
Wells, Sarah   English
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