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Teacher Email Address Website Assignment
 Alford, Rebecca mouse Social Worker
 Bevins, Victoria mouse  Integrated Media Specialist
Booker, Sarah mouse 6th Grade
Clarke, Emily mouse 4th Grade 
 Conway, Haley   Special Education
Dishmond, Madison mouse 3rd Grade
 Guess, Courtney mouse  3rd Grade 
 Elstro, Anne mouse 5th Grade 
 Flynn, Maureen mouse  Student Support Specialist
 Foster, Rett mouse 5th Grade 
Frame, Mika   Instructional Coach
 Groff, Katelyn  mouse 3rd Grade 
Hemmerling, Nikki
  Special Education 
 Hill, Diana   Asst. Principal
 Hood, Valerie
  Speech / Hearing Clinician 
 Kassens, Kathleen
mouse  5th Grade 
 Kohn, Casandra mouse 4th Grade 
LeFavour, Emily   Special Education
 Leger, Tiffany
mouse 3rd Grade 
 Lung, Stephanie  mouse 4th Grade 
 Luken, Diane mouse 4th Grade EXCEL
 Marshall, Teresa mouse 6th Grade 
 Miller, Jill   Psychologist
 Moore, Betsey mouse 6th Grade 
 Orick, Melody   Nurse
Paxton, Tonya  mouse 3rd Grade 
Rabchuk, Tresa mouse Art Teacher
 Reagan, Beth mouse  6th Grade EXCEL
 Rinehart, Rod mouse  5th Grade EXCEL 
 Rohrer, Lyndsey mouse 4th Grade
Rusznak, Jodie mouse Physical Education
Schwanitz, Lori mouse 6th Grade
Shadle, Laurie mouse  5th Grade 
Sharp, Patti mouse  3rd Grade 
Sperling, Pam   School Secretary / Treasurer 
Stonerock, Courtney   Special Education
 Stump, Kayla





Swininger, Kate mouse 6th Grade Teacher
Tedder, Erica mouse  5th Grade 
Turner, Tasha mouse 4th Grade
Van Winkle, Kelly mouse  Principal 
Vecera, Elisha   Learning Lab

Whittaker, Misty   Communities in Schools
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